Monday, September 24, 2007

New Kylie material: Free MP3s!

Hello, my name is Kylie
I'm tiny and I'm smiley
People call me cute
I've learned to play the lute!
I'm Kylie, Kylie, Kylieee Minoooogue
(thems the facts, bozos)

That, I can exclusively reveal, is not how Kylie Minogue's new album, X, begins. But don't you wish it was?

It certainly beats "It's Britney, bitch" into a cocked hat. Or any other type of hat, for that matter.

Anyway, Kylie has put up the details of that new album - out on 26th November - on her website. According to Popjustice, it involves Calvin Harris, Eg White from Brother Beyond and Richard "Spice Girls" Stannard. One track, called Sensitized, has writing credits for Cathy Dennis, Guy Chambers and dead French perv Serge Gainsbourg - together at last!!

La Minogue recorded roughly seven squillion songs for the project, not all of which were deemed good enough. One person who's a bit miffed is Scottish dance guru Mylo - he of Drop The Pressure fame. On finding out his tracks didn't make the final cut, he slapped them onto his Myspace page, where you can download them for free.

The first one, Spell of Desire, is a groovy mid-80s club stomper with a fantastic extended coda. The second, In The Mood For Love, is like a ropey Donna Summer B-side.

But if this is the standard of the stuff they've thrown away, then the album should be really very good indeed.

Download the MP3s from Mylo's Myspace page

Update 26/09: The files have been removed from Mylo's site (see here), but you can still get get them by clicking on this bit of text. That is all.

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