Friday, September 14, 2007

Kanye vs Justice. Who wins? You decide!

Last year, Kanye West got his knickers all in a twist because MTV had the audacity to give a prize to Justice vs Simian instead of him. According to the judges, or the public, or whoever votes for the channels European Music Awards these days, the dance act's lo-fi video for We Are Your Friends was better than Kanye's lavish Touch The Sky clip.

In a moment of unfettered genius, Kanye stormed the stage, grabbed some guy's microphone and ranted: "My video cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and shit" (he means 'etc', not that he was jumping over a doggy poo - Ed).

MTV was unmoved by the playground display - Justice got to keep the award and, just to make a point, MTV refused to give Kanye any prizes at this week's US ceremony. Harsh.

As always, however, Kanye has the last laugh. For his new single, he has poached Justice vs Simian's video director, So Me, the very man whose microphone he stole at the MTV awards.

And the results are very, very good indeed. Think of a rap version of Sesame Street, and you will get the picture.

But here's the $1m question: Is it as good as the Justice video? Take a look:

Kanye West - Good Life

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends

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