Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Kylie material not so new after all

Earlier this year, Starz In Their Eyes rapper Just Jack scuppered rumours that he'd been writing songs with teensy tiny pop troubador BraveTM Kylie Minogue.

"She heard my album, liked it and said it would be nice to do something," he told Popworld. "But I'm too busy to do any music. I get one day off every three weeks at the moment so there's nothing I can do about it."

So imagine our surprise to discover a Just Jack / Kylie collaboration fluttering around the internet like a little baby sparrow. It perched on Perez Hilton's sticky pink finger and tweeted a little song, which Hilton generously put up on his website.

Or, more accurately, Just Jack bundled Kylie onto the back of his BMX, pedalled her downhill - without a helmet! - to his studio / bedroom / tree house, where he forced her to sing over the top of a song he'd already released on his album.

Then he had the cheek to send it to Hilton and pretend it was a brand a new record for a bit of cheap publicity.

And it worked, didn't it? Because here I am writing about it, despite the fact it’s a ropey old remake of an above-average album track. That Just Jack is a crafty little fucker and no mistake. I bet he steals Mars Bars when the shop-keeper has his back turned.

If you're interested, the song is called I Talk To Much. You can stream it from Perez Hilton, or download it here.

No word on actual new Kylie material, though. But, as soon as there is, we'll read about it somewhere else and write about it here a couple of days later.

That's a guarantee.

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