Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday fotos

Some vacuous entertainment for your eyes on a Friday afternoon...

This poster was pinned to the gate of Paris Hilton's home in LA. Particularly nasty / brilliant is the description of Lohan as a "freckle-bellied cokewhore terrier".

Q: Is Salma Hayek still pregnant?
A: No, she is hiding a leg of ham up her nightdress. That is definitely what it is.

FACT: Kanye West is a tit.

US Weekly didn't look closely enough at this photo before they published...
Or perhaps that's a real thought-bubble coming out of Amy Winehouse's ear?

Isn't it sickening that someone could be this hot after a nine-hour transatlantic flight? (Answer: Yes, it is)

Crikey! Haven't the Sugababes let themselves go?
(Er, are you sure this isn't Beyoncé and her mum? -Ed)

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