Saturday, August 18, 2007

Free (and legal!) Jill Scott MP3

When you have to call your third album "Who is Jill Scott volume 3", you can be pretty sure that the marketing campaigns for the first two haven't worked particularly well.

Which is a shame, because Jill Scott is one of the best voices in modern soul. Not for her the crazed twittering of Christina Aguilera, or the bombastic but melody-free beats of Beyoncé.

No, Scott is old-school - from her simple melodies and soaring harmonies to the acoustic, organic arrangements of her chilled-out jams.

What I particularly enjoy is that she writes lyrics about family and love (not an easy thing to do) when all of her contemporaries seem to be content to rely on the man-hating template established by TLC about seven decades ago. It's like they've all been made to read the Female Eunuch on winning a recording contract. For which you can only feel terrible pity.

I highly recommend Scott's first album (Who Is Jill Scott vol 1, for the slow ones at the back of the class), and you should cherry-pick songs like Golden and Whatever from her second on iTunes.

The third is out on 25 September, but she's made the first single, Hate On Me, available as a free download from her myspace page:

If you're too lazy for that, here's the video for Whatever:

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