Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can I get a re-wind?

The best bit of the Oscars is the opening film where they parody all of the year's main nominees. So imagine a motion picture that consists almost entirely of those parodies and you get... er, Scary Movie 4.

But what if that picture was written and directed by Michel Gondry - the genius behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science Of Sleep? And what if it starred Jack Black, back on School of Rock form after the misfiring, yawn-o-rific Nacho Libre?

In other words, what if it wasn't completely arse?

Well now we get a chance to find out, because Gondry and Black have made that film and called it Be Kind, Rewind. From the evidence of the trailer (below) it has all the key Gondry elements - surreal whimsy, cardboard cut-outs, a fuzzy glow of humanitarianism - with the added bonus of Black being properly funny. That's funny like a kitten falling off a washing machine into a bucket of jelly funny.

The film revolves around Black's character, Jerry, who accidentally erases all the tapes in his best friend's video store. With no money to replace the movies, the duo decide to buy a stock of blank cassettes and remake all the blockbusters under their own steam.

So far, we know that the parodies will include Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy, 2001: A Space Oddity and The Lion King. A few more are revealed in the trailer, but a several more goodies have been promised for the film itself.

The only downside is that it's not due out 'til 2008. Boooo! And, for what it's worth, hissss!

Until then, this:

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