Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Britney, Bitch

That is how Britney Spears' comeback single, Gimme More, starts.

Clearly, it is a stroke of genius on par with shaving off all your hair and going slowly mental in full view of the public.

But does the song continue to achieve this stratospheric level of pop brilliance? Or does it freefall straight into the dumper?

And are the lyrics (about being "centre of attention when you're up against the wall") a toe-curling swipe at the paparazzi, or a brave admission that Britney has ballsed up the last six months of her life? Or just some words someone wrote on a bit of paper and told Britters to sing during the six lucid minutes she enjoyed back in July.

There is only one way to be sure: Listen, stream, or download an MP3 of the song using all of the buttons below. Then tell me what you think.

Britney Spears - Gimme More (Sorry, but I've had to take the MP3 down - some random website was hotlinking to it and eating up all of my bandwidth. If you want a copy, email me or do a google search. It is all over the web.)

There is plenty of boring technical information about the song here
Meanwhile, Popjustice has its say over here

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How to make Friday afternoon disappear

1) Click on this link
2) Play the game by clicking on the little confetti dots and trying to string together a chain-reaction of colourful explosions
3) Play it again
4) Oh go on, just one more time
5) Say goodbye to the rest of your day
6) Don't say I didn't warn you

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Frickin' Unicorns!

(Before we get to the frickin' unicorns, here is something about a rap group)

About four years ago, when I got my first iPod (it was made of cement, had buttons the size of your dad's hands and stored a massive eleven songs) one of the first albums I uploaded was Northern State's Dying In Stereo.

I listened to that record so many times, it would probably still feature in my all-time most-played list, if only my PC hadn't gone all melty in 2004.

Often likened to a female Beastie Boys, the band had a snarky, playful delivery over some home-produced lo-fi beats. One of favourite lyrics was on the title track:
Edmund Hillary couldn't climb this
Parsley sage rosemary and thyme this
Step off, your flow is weak
Save that talk for Dawson's Creek

But, since their debut I've heard precious little about the New York-based, all-female rap trio. I remember readng they'd signed a deal with a major label and then... nothing.

Well, it turns out they had a big old row with Colombia Records and stormed off in a big-booted girly huff to make a record on an independent label. According to their website: "We teamed up with producer Chuck Brody of Shitake Monkey (Wu Tang Clan, Yoko Ono etc.) and Adrock from the Beastie Boys and began making our new album.

"We wrote some rock songs and some hip hop songs and some other kinds of songs. We pushed the limits more than ever in terms of what a hip-hop song might sound like."

And, listening to the results, it turns out that this genre-defining hip-hop sounds a bit like a rap version of the theme to Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Worse things could have happened, I suppose.

The album is called Can I Keep This Pen? and it came out in the US this week. The first single is Better Already and the video features a frickin' unicorn.

We love frickin' unicorns.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Awesome new Michael Jackson video

No, not that Michael Jackson. What kind of idiot do you take me for?

Mitchell Brothers - Michael Jackson (Calvin Harris remix)

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Hurricane blues

One of my colleagues has just come back from New Orleans, where she was investigating how the town's music scene has struggled to recover two years after Hurricane Katrina tore out its soul.

She's written a series of (excellent) features, which are running on the BBC website this week.

My personal favourite is a heart-breaking interview with blues musician Chris Thomas King, who has just released a new album of music inspired by the disaster. As he rightly points out, Katrina is the perfect subject for the blues.

Since 1984's Blue Beat, King has sold more than 10 million albums. From the 1990s, he started combining his traditional blues skills with turntables, samples and hip-hop, directly inspiring "Dirty South" rappers like Bubba Sparxx and Nas. You might also know him from his roles in Hollywood films O Brother Where Art Thou and Ray.

But, despite his success, the multi-instrumentalist is still living on a building site in downtown New Orleans a full 24 months after the levees broke.

You can, and should, watch Caroline's report here. And below, I have added a video of King performing with his father in Los Angeles. Because I am nice like that.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gig Review: Girls Aloud

So, off we went to sunny Sussex for the now annual trip to see Girls Aloud in concert. Having missed the greatest hits tour earlier this year (they dropped from the ceiling in military uniforms, apparently) we had to settle for what was basically a glorified PA in the historic grounds of Arundel Castle.

Before the band's 45-minute, ten-song set, we had the pleasure of being seranaded by Jamelia - who was criminally at the bottom of the bill - and Shayne "fucking" Ward.

This man and his dead-eyed ambition frighten me almost as much as his sizeable fan-base (sizeable in terms of numbers and body mass, by the way). He mugged his way through six flaccid songs with all the passion and excitement of an Aldi Peter Andre.

In every respect, Ward is a throwback to the way pop used to be before Girls Aloud came along to shake things up. I am not joking when I tell you that the the chorus to his next single goes "We've got a you hang up, no you hang up - kind of love". It beggars belief.

Anyway, on to the main event...

These days, Girls Aloud exude a stage-savvy confidence that befits their ample expereience and hit-laden back catalogue.

Nadine belts the tunes out with the power of an elephant on steroids - only with much better legs and hair. Nicola has improved massively, too, easily ranking as the second-best singer of the night. "We love the ginger one," one punter shouted repeatedly - although I'm not sure that was a tribute to her vocal prowess.

Sarah is the spritely cheerleader, getting the crowd to throw their hands in the air (they just didn’t care, apparently) and bounding around like a demented labrador during, appropriately enough, Jump. Her recent dalliances with Primal Scream and the Camden set were last night represented by a buzz-cut hairdo, reminiscent of a bottle blonde indie Kylie.

The chart-orientated set was lapped up by the crowd, with Love Machine and Sound of the Underground the best-received numbers. But the response to the group's new single Sexy! No, No, No… was strangely muted.

"Have you heard our new single?" asked Kimberley.

"..." said the crowd.

The performance didn't do much to sway them, either, with the backing track distinctly quieter than previous numbers. It was the one time when the magic vanished - which could prove interesting when the record's first chart placing comes in this weekend.

That aside, it was a stunningly assured concert by a band who were clearly enjoying being out of the recording studio and back on stage. And its pretty impressive that, in the current pop climate, a band like Girls Aloud can headline their own outdoor gig. Next stop: Wembley Stadium?

Wake Me Up
Walk This Way
Whole Lotta History
Sound Of The Underground
Something Kinda Ooooh
Stand By You
Sexy! No, No, No
Love Machine

PS As you might be able to tell, I haven't been able to find any photos of the girls' appearance in Arundel - but here's a montage of images from their concert in Wales last week, pilfered from

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Lily Allen is an astronaut

Last month, I mentioned Chicago rapsmith Common, whose fantastic new album features a duet with Lily Allen, Drivin' Me Wild.

Well, the track is now coming out as a single (I'm not saying I'm responsible, but Common is regular reader of my Girls Aloud updates*). The video sees Lily dressed as "crazy astronaut lady" Lisa Nowak, who is referenced in the lyrics. Unlike Nowak, sadly, Lily isn't wearing a nappy, wig and trench coat, while driving through the night to kidnap her boyfriend's lover.

Good stuff, nonetheless.

*Possibly not true

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Apropos of nothing

It's a four-day weekend. The sun is (allegedly) coming out. I have ample supplies of chocolate and coffee, and a pair of tickets to see Girls Aloud on Monday.

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

See you next week!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pop on the box: A comparative history

People keep asking why Top Of The Pops, CD:UK, Popworld, and all the other decent pop programmes have died and gone to telly heaven. I think I have a theory...

Exhibit A: Otis Redding performing I Can't Turn You Loose on ITV pop show Ready Steady Go, 1966.

To gee himself up for an appearance on national TV, Otis burns his hand on a stove, licks a car battery and shoves a frog up his bottom. That's why he dances like an epileptic windmill. It's invigorating stuff:

Exhibit B: Gnarls Barkley on chin-stroking muso wankfest Live from Abbey Road, 2007.

The biggest moment of drama in this performance comes when someone turns the volume knob on their keyboard from four to slightly louder than four.

Cee-Lo may have the voice of an angel, but it would have been better if, just before the director called "action", someone had slapped him with a kipper and called his mum a slag:

I put it to you, the jury, that music television went wrong when we stopped making singers flail around like demented baboons and decided that exhibiting any sort of enjoyment somehow "devalued" the "music".

I blame Oasis, myself.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Madonna song found in dustbin

...Or at least that's what it sounds like. According to the perenially-accurate interweb, it's a demo of a track called The Beat Goes On from Madge's forthcoming album, and it's produced by The Neptunes.

Remember them? They were quite popular in 2003.

With any luck, Madonna has actually decided to feed this terrible song into the great big pop shredder. Otherwise, we can only expect the new album to be another American Life. And nobody wants that, do they?

Madonna - The Beat Goes On

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Kylie material not so new after all

Earlier this year, Starz In Their Eyes rapper Just Jack scuppered rumours that he'd been writing songs with teensy tiny pop troubador BraveTM Kylie Minogue.

"She heard my album, liked it and said it would be nice to do something," he told Popworld. "But I'm too busy to do any music. I get one day off every three weeks at the moment so there's nothing I can do about it."

So imagine our surprise to discover a Just Jack / Kylie collaboration fluttering around the internet like a little baby sparrow. It perched on Perez Hilton's sticky pink finger and tweeted a little song, which Hilton generously put up on his website.

Or, more accurately, Just Jack bundled Kylie onto the back of his BMX, pedalled her downhill - without a helmet! - to his studio / bedroom / tree house, where he forced her to sing over the top of a song he'd already released on his album.

Then he had the cheek to send it to Hilton and pretend it was a brand a new record for a bit of cheap publicity.

And it worked, didn't it? Because here I am writing about it, despite the fact it’s a ropey old remake of an above-average album track. That Just Jack is a crafty little fucker and no mistake. I bet he steals Mars Bars when the shop-keeper has his back turned.

If you're interested, the song is called I Talk To Much. You can stream it from Perez Hilton, or download it here.

No word on actual new Kylie material, though. But, as soon as there is, we'll read about it somewhere else and write about it here a couple of days later.

That's a guarantee.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Shock: Further evidence of decent British rap

After discovering the Mitchell Brothers and their ode to Michael Jackson last week, along comes another halfway decent British rap track - this time by Essex boy Scroobius Pip. According to Myspace, he is what Willis was talking about.

The track is called The Beat That My Heart Skipped - which is also the name of a French film about a man who has to choose between his dad and his piano (in French it's called De Battre Mon Coeur S'est Arrêté, translating-things fans). The song doesn't have anything to do with that, though. I just didn't have anything to put in this bit.

Backed by dance guru Dan Le Sac, Scroobius raps about love at first sight (possibly with a stripper, we can't be sure) while pausing to note: "Well, good goddamn and other such phrases, I haven't heard a beat like this in ages". If you like Reverend and the Makers, or Happy Mondays, then this will rock your bottom.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped is out on 10 September, and can be viewed in youtubular fashion below.

Warning: This video contains beards.

PS: The single is a follow-up to the duo's first release from April, Thou Shalt Not Kill, which is also worth checking out, if only for the lyric: "Thou Shalt not think any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a paedophile. Some people are just nice."

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome, Guardian readers!!

If you have found your way here via the recommendation in today's Guardian ("chart clips, youtube clips and heated debate!") then you are most welcome.

Tea and biscuits are served around 3pm.


Free (and legal!) Jill Scott MP3

When you have to call your third album "Who is Jill Scott volume 3", you can be pretty sure that the marketing campaigns for the first two haven't worked particularly well.

Which is a shame, because Jill Scott is one of the best voices in modern soul. Not for her the crazed twittering of Christina Aguilera, or the bombastic but melody-free beats of Beyoncé.

No, Scott is old-school - from her simple melodies and soaring harmonies to the acoustic, organic arrangements of her chilled-out jams.

What I particularly enjoy is that she writes lyrics about family and love (not an easy thing to do) when all of her contemporaries seem to be content to rely on the man-hating template established by TLC about seven decades ago. It's like they've all been made to read the Female Eunuch on winning a recording contract. For which you can only feel terrible pity.

I highly recommend Scott's first album (Who Is Jill Scott vol 1, for the slow ones at the back of the class), and you should cherry-pick songs like Golden and Whatever from her second on iTunes.

The third is out on 25 September, but she's made the first single, Hate On Me, available as a free download from her myspace page:

If you're too lazy for that, here's the video for Whatever:

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday fotos

Some vacuous entertainment for your eyes on a Friday afternoon...

This poster was pinned to the gate of Paris Hilton's home in LA. Particularly nasty / brilliant is the description of Lohan as a "freckle-bellied cokewhore terrier".

Q: Is Salma Hayek still pregnant?
A: No, she is hiding a leg of ham up her nightdress. That is definitely what it is.

FACT: Kanye West is a tit.

US Weekly didn't look closely enough at this photo before they published...
Or perhaps that's a real thought-bubble coming out of Amy Winehouse's ear?

Isn't it sickening that someone could be this hot after a nine-hour transatlantic flight? (Answer: Yes, it is)

Crikey! Haven't the Sugababes let themselves go?
(Er, are you sure this isn't Beyoncé and her mum? -Ed)

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The 10 Worst Things About Summer

10. Back-of-the-knee sweat.

9. Realising you might be too old for pool toys.

8. Realising you might be too fat for pool toys.

7. Trying to find fun things to do without resorting to planning because the best stuff always happens naturally. Really. Stuff’s going to happen. You’re not worried.

6. Re-runs. Re-runs.

5. When people walk up too close behind you and step on the back of your flip-flop. Listen bitch, you’re too f*cking close.

4. Feeling like a crapbag if you don’t go outside but, let’s be honest, not really wanting to go outside.

3. The fact that it’s already August and you haven’t done any of the awesome stuff you thought you’d do and knowing–no matter what you tell that quasi-friend from college who keeps leaving “Hey, how’s your summer going?!?” Facebook wall messages–that you’re probably not going to do anything awesome, or even vaguely interesting, in August either because it’s just really hot outside.

2. When people say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

1. The humidity.

[lifted wholesale from Hey, Let's Rage!]

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can I get a re-wind?

The best bit of the Oscars is the opening film where they parody all of the year's main nominees. So imagine a motion picture that consists almost entirely of those parodies and you get... er, Scary Movie 4.

But what if that picture was written and directed by Michel Gondry - the genius behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science Of Sleep? And what if it starred Jack Black, back on School of Rock form after the misfiring, yawn-o-rific Nacho Libre?

In other words, what if it wasn't completely arse?

Well now we get a chance to find out, because Gondry and Black have made that film and called it Be Kind, Rewind. From the evidence of the trailer (below) it has all the key Gondry elements - surreal whimsy, cardboard cut-outs, a fuzzy glow of humanitarianism - with the added bonus of Black being properly funny. That's funny like a kitten falling off a washing machine into a bucket of jelly funny.

The film revolves around Black's character, Jerry, who accidentally erases all the tapes in his best friend's video store. With no money to replace the movies, the duo decide to buy a stock of blank cassettes and remake all the blockbusters under their own steam.

So far, we know that the parodies will include Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy, 2001: A Space Oddity and The Lion King. A few more are revealed in the trailer, but a several more goodies have been promised for the film itself.

The only downside is that it's not due out 'til 2008. Boooo! And, for what it's worth, hissss!

Until then, this:

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That Sugababes single in full

Here it is, then, all three minutes and seven seconds of the Sugababes' new single About You Now in glorious MP3. Whaddaya think?

Sugababes - About You Now (Radio One exclusive first play) (removed due to misuse)

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Mitchell Brothers - Michael Jackson

"I wanted to be the man in the mirror
Right after I saw the zombies in Thriller

The Mitchell Brothers - not Grant and Phil, sadly, but the London-based hip-hop group - have recorded a rap tribute to the world's favourite pop oddball* Michael Jackson.

It rocks.

And it rocks even harder when Calvin Harris does a remix.

And it rocks a little bit harder still when someone painstakingly pieces together a video for the track using old Michael Jackson clips.

In fact, whoever has been hired to direct the real video should just give up and licence this instead (although I'd be happy if they spent an extra thirty quid to correct the spelling in the opening slides):

The Mitchell Brothers - Michael Jackson (Calvin Harris remix)

Great, huh? You can download the album version here. The band's new CD, Dressed For The Occasion, comes out later this year.

* By oddball, we do not mean contemptible freak. Not in our heart of hearts, anyway.

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New Sugababes single!

  • It is called About You Now
  • It sounds a bit like Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone
  • It also has synthesizers in it, which Kelly Clarkson simply would not allow
  • It premieres on Jo Whiley's show tomorrow
  • It is "the best Sugababes single since Round Round," says Popjustice
  • But Round Round was mostly rubbish, so what does Popjustice know?
  • It is definitely better than Walk This Way, however
  • You can hear a 30-second preview via the "wonders" of Youtube
  • That is all


  • Friday, August 10, 2007

    Sticking pins into Girls Aloud

    The video for Sexy! No No No has premiered, and it looks like this.

    For those of you with no patience, here is what happens in bullet point format:

  • 00:01 Cheryl! Eyelashes!
  • 00:21 A big screw!
  • 00:37 Whooosh! It's Nadine in a big red dress!
  • 00:52 Hands in the air to demonstrate that everyone has shaved armpits!
  • 01:28 Lyric-appropriate dance move!
  • 01:44 Hatpins!
  • 02:30 All the dresses falls off!
  • 02:31 But the girls are wearing something underneath :(
  • 02:32 "Something" turns out to be a PVC catsuit :)
  • 02:57 Possible bondage connotations!
  • 03:10 A gramphone. How confusing for "the kids"!

    Phew. I'm exhausted after all that. Have a good weekend.

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  • Jimmy Jimmy revisited

    Last week, I posted a preview clip of M.I.A.'s new single, Jimmy Jimmy, and likened it to a Bollywood remake of camp disco classic (I Lost My Heart To A) Starship Trooper.

    It turns out the song is actually a western remake of a Bollywood song called Jimmy Aja (Disco Dancer). A quick scan through Youtube turns up a clip from the original film, in which a woman wearing red sweatpants dances provocatively in front of a zombie during an Indian version of The Generation Game. No, really.

    While we're at it, here's the full version of the M.I.A. video. Nice arm work.

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    Thursday, August 9, 2007


    I never bought into the whole rap metal "scene". Partly because it confused rap with shouting and partly because... well, it was just shit, wasn't it? Limp Bizkit actually called one of their albums Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water. Then, to make sure we weren't confused by the subtle innuendo, they painted a starfish with an anus on the cover. Let's not forget that Limp Bizkit contained five grown men, all of whom must have agreed that this was a good idea.

    I think Ben Folds summed up the whole movement best in Rockin' The Suburbs:
    Ya'll don't know what it's like
    Being male, middle class and white
    It gets me real pissed off
    And it makes me wanna say 'fuck'

    So, it is with a small amount of amazement (and self-disgust) that I discover Linkin Park's new single is quite good. This comes after their previous single was also quite good. Hell may have frozen over. Who knows?

    Have a look at the video and tell me what you think, through a not-at-all relevant comparison with everyday food items...

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    Wednesday, August 8, 2007

    Radio Robyn

    Our favourite pop pixie, Robyn, has just been on Radio One's Live Lounge. She performed a heartbreaking acoustic version of her current top 10 hit With Every Heartbeat, as well as a cover Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone. It was perfectly marvellous.

    I've snipped together some clips of the session and you can listen to With Every Heartbeat right here and Since You Been Gone over there. You can even download an MP3 of the whole appearance by heading in this direction if you're that way "inclined".

    In related news, Timbaland's The Way I Are is only 370 sales ahead of Robyn's single in the mid-week charts. If we make a concerted effort, we can send her to number one (the CD single is a particular bargain with seven barnstorming remixes, just like in the olden days). You know it makes sense, if only as part of a wider campaign against bad grammar.

    Thank you. Bye.

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    Nadine Coyle's freakishly long arm

    Maybe she should consider a career in basketball. Or poking things that are really, really far away.


    Tuesday, August 7, 2007

    Superbad trailer

    Bloggers in the US are going crazy for a film called Superbad, which has sprung forth from the creative "well" that is Jude Apatow (producer of Talladega Nights, The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up).

    I can't honestly say I've enjoyed any of his films so far - which all too often fall back on knob gags and swearing at the expense of genuine wit. But I'm willing to give him another try after he cast the supremely gifted imrpovisational comedian Michael Cera (George Michael in Arrested Development) in Superbad's lead role.

    As if to prove my point, however, the censored trailer is actually funnier than the 18-rated one. If you're willing to risk it, the film's out on 14 September in the UK.

    Superbad - Censored trailer

    Superbad - adult trailer

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    Sunday, August 5, 2007

    Gig review: Prince in a tent

    Before I get to the glowing endorsements and gushing superlatives, I'd like to make one thing clear: I do not like being lied to. So let's get a few things out of the way.

    1) "Real music by real musicians"
    This has become something of a mantra at Prince concerts over the last couple of years. The petit purple performer pronounced it again at the O2 on Saturday night, adding something about not using tapes. With that in mind, I can only assume Sheena Easton was obscured by a pillar when she sang her parts in U Got The Look.

    2) "We got so many hits we don't have time to play them all"
    Really? Then why did you fuck about playing four cover versions - including Play That Funky Music and (Gnarls Barkley's) Crazy? We'd have preferred 1999, or even Pop Life, goddammit.

    3) Prince - The Official Aftershow
    Actually, this was brilliant. But putting your name on the ticket is a bit dishonest when you only manage to strap on a guitar for a paltry five minutes.

    Anyway, like I was saying, the Prince concert was breathtakingly brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, that none of these quibbles mattered one jot.

    It was a return to the crowd-pleasing, all-singing, all-dancing Prince extravaganzas of yore. Less of the jazz noodles, more of the funky wasabi.

    We kicked off (I was an integral part of the evening, obviously) with Let's Go Crazy and Take Me With U - a Purple Rain-era double whammy that instantly brought to mind the cocksure set Prince delivered at the Superbowl earlier this year.

    And the hits kept coming: Kiss, Raspberry Beret, I Feel 4U, If I Was Your Girlfriend (If I Was Your Girlfriend!!!!), Cream and Purple Rain were all present and correct.

    The more recent numbers from Prince's back-catalogue were well-chosen, too. Black Sweat - his Timbaland-baiting, stripped-back funk masterclass from last year - was among the evening's highlights.

    The four-piece backing band were honed to precision, capable of changing up the groove at a moment's notice. Well, Prince's notice to be exact. Under his watchful eye, Musicology became a ten-minute lesson in how to get down - complete with members of the audience strutting their stuff onstage. This was also the point where Prince set free his be-suited brass section, giving former James Brown cohort Maceo Parker the chance to let rip with some of the finest saxophony you'll ever hear.

    Prince himself runs about the stage like a man two decades younger than his 49 years. He's flanked most of the time by two dancers - The Twinz - whose high heels are only marginally shorter than the ones on the Minneapolis midget. But for some reason Prince didn't seem interested in a pervy dance-off with his sexy new foils. This would never have happened back in the days of Diamond and Pearl (not their real names), who got a royal rogering on a purple bed every night of his 1992 tour. Has Prince's ridiculously overworked lust muscle started to go a bit limp in his old age?

    Back to the music, though, and the best moment of the night came with the encores. Prince emerged from under the stage, swathed in dry ice and seranaded us for 15 minutes armed just with his guitar and his ego. The acoustic version of Little Red Corvette stopped the entire audience in their tracks. My nerves actually tingled (and I hadn't had any beer at this point). It was just perfect... and to follow it up with Sometimes It Snows In April? Oh boy.

    There are still something like 19,000,092 Prince gigs left at the O2. You really should go.

    Let's Go Crazy
    Take Me With U
    Pass The Peas
    Play That Funky Music
    Sexy Dancer / Le Freak
    I Feel 4U
    Controversy / Housequake
    Wonderful World (saxophone solo)
    U got the look
    If I Was Your Girlfriend
    Pink cashmere
    Black Sweat
    Purple Rain
    ---Acoutic encore---
    Little Red Corvette
    Raspberry Beret
    Sometimes It Snows In April
    ---Band encore---
    Nothing Compares 2U

    (Concert photos 2, 3 and 5 by rolyatell at

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    Saturday, August 4, 2007

    M.I.A.'s new single a Bollywood remake of I Fell In Love With A Starship Trooper, and I claim my five pounds.

    M.I.A. - Jimmy (sneak preview)

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    Friday, August 3, 2007

    New music video roundup

    Here are some of the songs that've caught my attention over the last week or two. Maybe you will like them, and maybe you will not. This is because of the infinite capacity of humans to hold differing opinions, and that is what makes life exciting, is it not?

    (NB: If you're reading this on Facebook, you need to come to this website to see the videos)

    Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

  • If there was still such a thing as The OC, this song would be all over it.
  • It stopped Rihanna being number one in the USA.
  • The band have a gramatically incorrect apostrophe in their name.
  • Lynne Truss would probably have something to say about that.

    Junior Senior - Can I Get Get Get (To Know You Better)

  • This video features lots of Junior Senior fans who filmed themselves lip-sycning to the song.
  • We told you all about it earlier this year so don't come running to us crying that you missed your chance to be famous by starring in an obscure Danish pop duo's music video.
  • This film clip is proof that Simon Cowell can stick his head up his bum and trump. - I Got It From My Mama

  • This is the first solo single from the one with the talent out of the Black Eyed Peas.
  • It is absolutely terrible.
  • You will be singing it for the rest of the year.

    Candie Payne - One More Chance

  • Candie Payne is the Amy Winehouse you can rely on to turn up to gigs.
  • One More Chance is produced by Mark Ronson, who done the Amy Winehouse album, so it is not just a coincidence that they sound a bit "similar".
  • Candie shows off her slim pins in the video.
  • This is the best summer song of 2007. FACT!

    Prima J - Rockstar

  • Bonkers lyrics ahoy! Prima J "think they're Queen Elizabeth"! But they are not dead! Or Ginger! Crazy.
  • They dance like marionettes. Amazing.
  • It is from the EVIL Bratz movie. There is probably a backwards message hidden in the lyrics which instantly turns you into a money-grabbing spoiled teen slut.
  • OMG! Darren Hollyoakz iz buff! LOL :)
  • Er...
  • Help!

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  • Wednesday, August 1, 2007

    The return of Goldfrapp

    This from their official website:

    As you can see from the view out of our studio window we’re still locked away in the countryside working away on songs for our new album.

    We’ve been busy writing and recording since the end of last year – winter was hard but the shoots started appearing in the spring and should be ready for harvest by the end of the year. Meanwhile we’re getting new ideas together for the artwork and the website so keep your eyes and ears peeled...

    Thanks for all the continued support and emails!
    Be seeing you, Alison and Will xx

    The farming metaphor can only mean one thing: An album about genetically modified crops and horny livestock. That, or I've had three glasses of wine and logged onto the internet after bedtime.

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    I've seen this idea somewhere before

    Is it just me, or is this:

    ..."inspired" by this:

    ...or even this:

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