Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reverend and the Makers: New single

  • Reverend and the Makers are an indie band you can dance to, like Franz Ferdinand, The Klaxons or Girls Aloud (nb: joke).

  • Their last single, Heavyweight Champion of the World, was not based on Roald Dahl's book Danny, Champion of the World, but it was rather good nonetheless.

  • Shockingly, frontman Jon McClure is not a real minister.

  • We know this because he once called Jonny Borrell (him out of Razorlight) "a cash and fame whore". A real minister would just have said "I am terribly sorry but I do not understand what you are talking about, son" and offered you some tea and a plate of nice biscuits.

  • McClure's brother is the bloke on the cover of the Arctic Monkeys' first album who has surely had more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame by now. This is a sad indictment of our celebrity-obsessed culture, etc.

  • Earlier this year, the band were so unimportant that Wikipedia kept deleting their page. Now their entry on the online encyclopaedia is roughly 2,000 words too long and has a whole load of quotation marks in "places" where they "should not be".

  • Their new song has the sound of someone chewing gum mixed all the way through it, but it is also rather good.

  • You can hear Radio One's first play of the track below. It is called He Said He Loved Me. Although Annie Mac said it was called Chew. Maybe she is involved in the corporation's sinister drive to lie repeatedly to the public.

    Reverend and the Makers - He Said He Loved Me

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