Thursday, July 12, 2007

Natalie Imbruglia: Glorious

Natalie Imbruglia's Torn came out at the same time as I moved to London ten years ago, and soundtracked my first year in the big city. It remains one of my favourite pop songs of all time in the world ever in perpetuity ad infinitum. With or without the video (but preferably with - *sigh*).

I can't quite believe it's been an entire decade (or that Natalie is the same age as me - surely she's been around for donkey's years?) but it looks like Sony have noticed, and are trying to flog a few more copies of her biggest hit by sticking it on a "singles collection", due out next month.

Now, I'm a bit of an Imbruglia buff - with a B-sides playlist on my iPod and everything - but I think most other people would find it easier to remember what her character was called in Neighbours than to name one of her other hits (Shiver, Big Mistake and Wrong Impression are the biggest ones - fact fans).

That aside, I hope she gets a profile boost from the retrospective. Natalie's actually quite an interesting songwriter and she has a new album scheduled for next year. I'd hate to see it canned if the singles compilation stiffs.

The obligatory new single is called Glorious, and she premiered it - along with a new haircut - on the Graham Norton show last week. It has one of those shimmering monsters of a chorus that are Nat's stock in trade and will almost certainly be inescapable if you're the sort of person who listens to Radio 2. Here's the performance in all its badly-lip-synced, second-verse-omitted glory:

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