Monday, June 11, 2007

They should have called it Vibeology

Thanks to reality TV, Paula Abdul is opening up her tiny head and inviting us inside to see what makes that rattling noise (hint: not drugs, definitely not drugs). The new show, which has the not entirely gay title "Hey, Paula!!!", is currently being promoted in the US with teaser trailers like this:

If that tiny clip leaves you wanting more, top notch gossip site Defamer has a slightly longer promo, in which we are fed the following "I'm not mad, me" tidbits:

  • Paula is carried up the stairs like a princess / woman who has had a little too much cheap sex on the beach, or whatever it is they're calling cocktails these days
  • Paula runs towards the camera like the loveable buffoon / manic coke*-fiend she really is
  • Apropos of nothing, Paula says "I love you" to a side street
  • Paula has ten tiny dogs, just like you or I might have if we were incredibly rich and spoilt
  • We see Paula's bff - her stylist, Daniel. With friends like these, etc, etc...
  • Paula says very clearly that she is "exhausted" - which presumably serves as an explanation of this disastrous TV appearance:

    Inevitably, this will be must-see, car wreck TV. It'll be on Bravo in the US in August, so we'll probably get to see it in 2012, when all the television ever produced fits onto a little tiny white pill. No, Paula, don't eat it... Nooooooooo!

    Paula in happier times (1989)

    * That's the high sugar caffeine drink, not the Class A narcotic, obviously

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