Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ode to Jonathan Glazer

Jonathan Glazer,
You directed the video for
Virtual Insanity
But most of your work is
Virtual Inanity
Do you see what I did there?

Music videos are not short films
For people who read the Guardian
So why do you insist on ruining
perfectly good songs
By interrupting them with talky bits

Dramatic pauses?
(like that one)

Harold Pinter you are not
And Sexy Beast is over-rated claptrap
...Just because you made Ghandi say fuck
Doesn't make it a good film
You muppet

Your video for Unkle's new single
Burn My Shadow
Is a case in point
But Goran Visjinc takes off his shirt in it
So mrsdiscopop will be quite happy
About that

Thank you

NB: I have no proof that Jonathan Glazer directed this video, but he bears responsibility for it anyway, okay?

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