Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just Jack's good tracks

Just Jack, as far as I can remember, was the name of Jack McFarland's stage show in Will & Grace.

I don't know whether he's a fan of the "aren't the gays hilarious" sitcom, but London producer / rapper Jack Allsopp has given the same name to his band. They broke out earlier this year with a cheeky little rap ditty called "Starz In Their Eyes" - a vaguely acceptable Streets-lite attack on Pop Idol.

I wasn't a big fan, but their subsequent singles have all been an improvement. The new one, Writer's Block, is particularly groovesome - with a chilled out, four-in-the-morning feel to it. The change in pace also highlights Allsopp's skills in the rap department, with lines like:

I'm living in the past / My clock's an hour fast
Should really go and make a coffee / but I can't be arsed

The video's got a quirky sense of humour, too...

But don't you think it would have been better with just a splash of this?

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