Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June gloom

It's summer, so traditionally there isn't much new music around (although I've just got hold of a high quality MP3 of MIA's Boyz, which has led to the outbreak of a minor Brazilian carnival in my living room, feathered bra and all).

To keep me in new music, I've been scouting around for some Nina Simone and Isley Brothers albums, but I don't know where to begin. Which are the boring ballady ones and which are the funky war protest ones? Anyone who can help with this minor quandry will be rewarded with a banana and a slurpy kiss.

While I search for ways to waste my cash, here's a really terrible parody of Rihanna's Umbrella - which was broadcast on the Chris Moyles show last week. Any of our international readers who need a bit of context, click here.

Chris Moyles - Umbrella parody

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