Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Annual post about the Summer Burn

Here is a great way to get some free music and feel good about yourself into the bargain.

It's called the Summer Burn and here's what you have to do in 10 easy steps:

1) Register your name and address at the fabulous funjunkies website
2) Carefully select your bestest music and burn it onto a compact disc
3) Make another copy of the CD and put it in a safe place
4) Wait a bit. Perhaps you could have a nice biscuit or a do some running
5) On the first day of summer, funjunkies will email you the address of two strangers from off of the internet
6) Do not go to the stranger's houses, they could be mad and drink their own piss. Instead, send each of them a copy of your musical masterpiece
7) They will also send you a copy of their own funkalicious mixtape
8) Think to yourself: "My CD was much better than this load of old toss"
9) Be filled with a warm glow at having educated people about "proper" music and not that tuneless rubbish they listen to nowadays
10) Watch as the recording industry collapses in a terrible mess of cover-mounted CDs and hapless lawsuits

Do it! Do it now!


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