Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ain't no thing like a noisy ting ting

After complaining about a lack of new music last week, I've just discovered a rather fruity new band called The Ting Tings. At least, I thought I'd discovered them, and then I did a google and found they've been on Popjustice and Perez Hilton and are due to play the Radio One stage at Glastobury this weekend (where everyone is going to get soaked - mwah ha ha haaa!)

Anyway, they're new to me, and all of these endorsements from bloggers-with-their-fingers-considerably-more-on-the-pulse-than-me can only mean I'm right. Right?

Hailing from Manchester, The Ting Tings bring to mind Voice Of The Beehive being snogged by David Byrne and Beth Ditto (I mean that in a positive way). And if you like shouty lady vocals and party atosphere, CSS-stylee, then The Ting Tings will be right up your street. As long as your street isn't in Argentina, as they probably can't afford the bus fair right now.

Their single, That's Not My Name, is only out on vinyl at the moment [buy it here], but I have a teeny tiny sneak preview for you, because I am good like that. Enjoy it, you loons!

The Ting Tings That's Not My Name

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