Friday, May 11, 2007

Sugababes bitchfight!!!

A couple of Sugababes-related interviews from the past couple of weeks see:
a) The current line-up sniping about their former band-mates
b) Mutya bitching that Amelle is her "clone"
c) Groove Armada saying Mutya is "the voice of a generation" but hopelessly unreliable.

Here are the quotes in all their cut'n'pasted glory...

EXHIBIT A - OK Hotstars
You're heading to America in a couple of weeks. Will you come back with an awful accent like Joss Stone?
Girls: (Laughs) No way!Our accents are fine the way they are!

Are you pleased that your ex-bandmate Siobhan Donoaghy didn't do very well in the charts with her new single?
Heidi: I saw her video...I thought it was quite good.
Keisha: We don't wish bad things on anyone, it just makes you a bad person. She's got talent.

What about Mutya? Will you be buying her album in June?
Keisha: We'll probably be sent a free copy.
Heidi: I won't be buying it.
Amelle: No, I probably won't either.

And will you listen to it?
Amelle: I'll probably give it away as a present!
Keisha: She isn't exactly our best friend...

It's a sad state of affairs really, isnt it?
Keisha: There is no need for all of this. I think sometimes people regret the mistakes they have made and like to put blame on whoever they want. Why can't we all just be happy?

EXHIBIT B - The Guardian
Did the speed of the transition (from Sugababes mark 2.0 to Sugababes 3.0) bother her? "It was quick," she blinks. "Within 4, 5 days of me saying I've left, she's on the page. I literally said to my managers before, 'please, whatever you do, make me feel like I had a place in Sugababes, don't make her like me'. A replacement but not a replacement, d'youknowhatImean? And it was like a cloning."

Mutya went down to CD:UK in early 2006, "I actually went down there with Keisha. I wanted to meet Amelle, I said hello and then I wasn't allowed to see them after because apparently Heidi was shocked and upset, I made Amelle feel out of place and put them all off their performance. (Bristles) It took me to get up out of my bed to come and show there's no hard feelings and I got it pushed back right in my face so I thought 'forget it'. And I haven't really spoken to them since.

EXHIBIT C - Australia's Herald and Sun
The standout moment on Soundboy Rock is Song 4 Mutya, featuring Mutya Buena, formerly of the Sugababes.
TOM OUT OF GROOVE ARMADA: Popjustice, this website in the UK, called it the first great pop record of '07. We've never been in that world. We've never really been cool in the way Basement Jaxx were cool. I think this record has moved us into that area while still being a good record. It does that thing great pop records do. My wife's sister, who has the cheesiest taste, loves it, and Popjustice get that it's a good record.

How did Mutya end up on the song?
TOM: We needed an iconic voice. It's the voice of a generation, that generation of female pop acts. The same way that Robbie Williams left Take That at the right time, she left the Sugababes at the right time. The Sugababes are a bit random for me now. It doesn't work any more. She's one of those pop voices, when you mention her, people don't go "What are you working with her for?", they go "She's cool." Mainly 'cos she's so scary.

Did you get the real reason she left Sugababes out of her?
TOM: No, we didn''t get on on that level, really. She's 21. She's on her mobile all the time talking to her friends about hair dye. Occasionally I'd get her in to do some singing. She was always late, very often cancelled, but lovely. We had lunch with her twice and both times she had battered sausages & chips, which I really respect. Very easy to work with, apart from the cancellations after big nights out. She may have a baby but she's 21 and she's still enjoying herself. I like that about her. She's not a mouse who gets pushed out.

HS: The song says Prince's HOT THING is playing while she's driving and she knows every line. Does she?
TOM: Ah, no, that's definitely my lyric. I don't think she'd know what that's about.

This is all great. A bit of pop bitchiness was long overdue. Bring it on!

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