Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steve Tyler to quit / remain in Aerosmith

Lippy love-machine Steve Tyler, 92, is going to quit the iconic rock group who became a bit shit, Aerosmith, says the New York Daily Post.

"Her dad is going to announce he's leaving Aerosmith soon because he can't take how the rest of the band is treating him," said the source (who the Daily Post hilariously call a 'spy', as if you need to be trained in covert surveillance and the numerous methods of adminstering deadly poisons in order to overhear a celebrity in New York). "She said they don't appreciate him."

The Daily Post went to the trouble of checking out the quote with Liv Tyler's people. "Liv never said anything about her father leaving Aerosmith," they said.

In a nutshell, then: Man who does thing is not going to stop doing the thing, his daughter did not say to a stranger.

Ain't journalism grand?

The very excellent video for Cryin, featuring Alicia Silverstone

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