Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rihanna is quite good these days

I can barely believe I'm typing this but Rihanna is starting to turn into a proper pop star. If she succeeds, it will be the biggest career turnaround since Mel Gibson went from cuddly hunk to daft racist. Only in the opposite direction.

Unfaithful, you see, was one of my least favourite songs of last year - hell, of all time. That whiny voice; the fact we were supposed to give a shit about her "dilemma" (I'm a cheating tramp but I feel guilty about it - who gives a shit?); the frizzy 'cat in a tumble dryer' hair. Basically, it was a load of old pants.

Mind you, she won brownie points for her look of utter contempt following Michael Jackson's "performance" at the World Music Awards.

(Is it me or is Rihanna a freaking cyborg monster from outer space?)

But her current single, Umbrella, is a bona fide pop classic. All crunching synths and whip-cracking snare drums, it's firmly lodged at the top of the charts - and, given the CD single isn't out for two weeks, I expect it'll be there for a good while longer.

Her next single is pretty funky, too. It is called Shut Up and Drive and features - yes, you guessed it, a car metaphor. Here she is, giving it some welly at Radio One's Big Weekend in (spit) Preston.

Coincidentally, I star spotted Rihanna at BBC Television Centre yesterday. She is very tall and has a terrible shiny handbag from Topshop. So there you go.

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