Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Well, the house move is complete. It wasn't too traumatic - except for the part where John Lewis turned up with our new washing machine and refused to carry it up the stairs. It's still sitting abandoned and unloved in our hallway waiting for someone to carry it up to the kitchen, while my wardrobe grows gradually smellier. I run out of pants on Friday.

Anyway, amongst all the domestic madness, I managed to sit down and watch Beyoncé's all-new DVD, which accompanies the "deluxe edition" (i.e. hastily repackaged after disappointing sales edition) of her B'Day album.

The DVD has music videos for 12 of the album's songs - most of which will never be released as singles. But only the new song Flaws and All eschews the sexy outfit / snappy choreography formula in favour of something more interesting.

Shot like a home video, it shows a little bit of the real Beyoncé - whose public persona has been craftily stage-managed for years. Okay, it's nothing compared to the warts-and-all melodrama of In Bed With Madonna, but it provides a rare opportunity to see Ms Knowles goofing around instead of fixing her steely glare on the camera and hypnotising you into killing your gran. The song is quite pleasant, too.

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