Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New M.I.A. single - Boyz

M.I.A. is an odd fish. According to wikipedia, her music combines elements of grime, hip-hop, ragga, dancehall, R&B, electro, and baile funk. I don't even know what half of those are, to tell you the truth, but they sound quite good when you throw them all together and get a young lady to shout over the top.

She released an album, Arular, two years ago which lots of bloggers raved about but no-one bought. For once, that was entirely justified. M.I.A.'s not one of those underground artists who's suddenly going to appear at number one. Her music is a bit too noisy and angular to embed itself in the national pop conciousness. Nontheless, she's insanely talented, and if you like something a bit different she will be right up your street. Not literally, of course. She thinks your street is rubbish.

Zane Lowe played the first official single from her second album, Boyz, last night. It’s a right old racket, but you'll like it. Promise.

M.I.A. - Boyz (radio rip)

We're off to the new house tomorrow morning. Normal service will be resumed... erm, soon. I hope. Byeee!

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