Friday, March 30, 2007

What we learnt this week

:: If Swedish popstar Robyn could be any domestic appliance, she would be a dishwasher because they are "very useful"

:: The comedic impact of that question may have been lessened because Robyn did not know the term domestic appliance.

:: Natasha Bedingfield says the last time she feel asleep in public, she was sunbathing on a beach in New Zealand. Lucky bitch.

:: Doctor Who star Freema Agyeman insists that the sonic screwdriver is "not just a blue torch - it's magic".

:: There was a thing about Samantha Mumba on Channel 4 which everyone said was brilliant, but we missed it.

:: The police said a man was very irresponsible for skiing down escalators in London and making a video of it, thereby ensuring everyone would go and have a look for it on the youtubes.

:: Elton John had his birthday spoiled when Your Song was awarded the 20th Worst Lyric Ever prize by some website. The cuplrit: "If I was a sculptor - but, then again, no." [full list here]

:: Also, Robyn played a concert in London with two drummers, which is like something out of a wet dream. She also did two versions of her super Swedish single Be Mine - which went a bit like this:

Be Mine - Electro

Be Mine - Acoustic

Have a great weekend!

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