Friday, March 9, 2007

Tom Cruise is okay after all...

From this week's popbitch:

"New York DJ Mark Ronson was hired to play at Tom Cruise's wedding. For amusement, he decided to play Take My Breath Away, the big hit from Cruise's most famous film Top Gun. Far from being annoyed, Cruise pushed through the dance-floor to the DJ booth, laughingly made shooting gestures with his index fingers at the DJ, then danced away again happily."

That's just sent Tom Cruise soaring back up in my estimation. Now he's roughly on par with... oh, I don't know, Ryan Seacrest. (That's above kill-on-sight, but below slam-door-in-smug-fucking-face).

But why didn't Mark Ronson play Bob Seger's Old Time Rock and Roll? Maybe then Cruise would have re-created the old Risky Business scene where he dances around the living room in his undergrundies. Ah well, we can always dream...

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