Monday, March 19, 2007

Terriffic Tiblisi

As we send a bunch of smug twats off to Eurovision to further degrade the UK's musical heritage, let's take a moment to consider Georgia's entry:

How about that? There's so much happening in that song that I'm not even sure what type of music it is. Electronic? Folk? Power Ballad? It's like Bjork channelling Shirley Bassey in a East Berlin discotheque while the Gipsy Kings hammer on the door with a banjo. And if that wasn't enough, the singer (Sopho Khalvashi) performs in a massive frock from which five people emerge like eggy babies.

You wouldn't have thought it possible, but our clunking parody of Europop (with a knob gag) seems even more lame that it did on Saturday night, doesn't it?

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