Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Set your video recording apparatus

Shameless plug: There is a very good documentary on Channel 4 tonight directed by one of my best friends, and featuring music by yours truly in the background. Here's the bumpf Channel 4 have been sending out:
Boys To Men: Black British boys are failing at school and failing to get jobs. They get fewer GCSEs than any other ethnic group, and are three times more likely than white boys to end up in jail. Controversial academic Tony Sewell thinks he has found a way to save Britain's brightest black kids ... He's sending them off to an academic boot camp at a Jamaican university. But can this really turn them into future scientists and doctors?

NB: You can ignore all of the important social experiment stuff and tune in to hear my "hilarious" attempts to play reggae on the soundtrack.

You will laugh.
You will cry.
You will wish you had gone to bed after Desperate Housewives.

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