Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nostalgia warning

Five Star were as big as Jack Black's pants back in the 80s. The press called them Britain's answer to the Jacksons, because they were five sisters and brothers doing lite R&B numbers with dance routines. Spookily, one of them would also go on to show his willy to people who did not want to see his willy, but we didn't know that then.

I was quite a fan. Frankly, It was 5 Star or the Smiths, and I was too well brought up to be interested in all that suburban angst Morissey was spouting. Five Star sang about normal stuff like having a crush and splitting up with people (I'll just gloss over the one about getting all pervy and sexed up with a computer).

Anyway, the band had about 3 years of dressing up in their special sequinned jump suits and being on kids TV before they were fired straight into the dumper by a humungous catapult and, thank heavens, nobody has heard from them since.

...Until now. They've just released a DVD of all of their videos, which you can get for under a tenner at Amazon. The reviews are quite positive:

"Marvel at the costumes, Gasp at the dance moves and sing along (badly) to all the hits!!!" says Daz, who has lost control of the excalamation mark key.

"I have been told that all of the best songs are on there and I've heard for myself that the sound quality is excellent," adds R Thomas LOTR Fan, not very convincingly.

However, I have a warning. Like that boy Eliot once shouted down the phone on Going Live, Five Star weren't much cop. Yes, they seemed very slick and modern in 1986 but so did Top Gun and nobody mentions that disaster of a film any more, do they? (Check this - Ed)

Fr'instance, here's the video for If I Say Yes.

Dear God, what were we thinking?

And by "we", I mean "I".

PS: I've just discovered a MySpace page for my all-time pre-teen crush, Doris out of Five Star. She's still recording music - to what end?? We will never know...

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