Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is the PS3, like, totally fucked, dude?

Just a quick note to clarify my points about the PS3 in the next post down:

  • It is the fastest-selling console ever in the UK, shifting 165,000 units in the launch weekend. Isn't it weird how seeing brand new games consoles on the shelves makes it seem like they're not very successful, even when they are? [source]

  • But the machine is being outsold 2:1 by the Nintendo Wii in Japan. [source]
  • And in the US, 127,000 PS3s were sold last month, compared to 295,000 PS2s and 335,000 Wiis. Ouch! [source]
  • Meanwhile, people who queued up for a PS3 hoping to sell it for profit on eBay are actually making a loss. Double ouch! And [source]

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