Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I still love Wii-ing

Last December, it seemed like every other post on here was about the Nintendo Wii and how much I was looking forward to getting my hands on one. Then it arrived and, one paltry review of Zelda later, everything went quiet. Here's what's happened since:

  • Everyone who plays Wii Sports wants to take the console home with them. It's the most intuitive and addictive game since Tetris.
  • While playing Wii Tennis, at least one guest has come close to throwing themselves through the window with a rather overzealous backhand return.
  • The tutorial videos on Wario Ware: Smooth Moves made me laugh chips out my nose.

  • Mrsdiscopop-in-law got overly competitive on Wii Play's shooting range, making everyone a little more nervous on Christmas Day.
  • If you like the internet smaller, blurrier, and more difficult to navigate then the Wii's Web Browser is the product for you.
  • I completed Zelda in 50 hours, and was smug for approximately the same amount of time.
  • Lots of people who are better at computer games than I will ever be posted their high scores to Flickr. Does the phrase "too much time on your hands" mean anything to the youth of today?

  • The PS3 came out. Nobody bought it. We all laughed.
  • Although it's a bit too early to claim victory for the tiny white console - especially as Nintendo can't get enough stock to the UK while the PS3 sits winking coquettishly at people on the shop shelves.
  • Added to which - can we have some new games please, Nintendo?
  • Actually, I've just come across the following trailer for Wii Sims. Once mrsdiscopop gets her hands on this, I won't be able to get her off the sofa for weeks. Which could be a problem, as we're supposed to be moving house...

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