Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bedingfield seeks offspring

Natasha Bedingfield is back, back, BACK! ETC!

She's only gone and done a new single, the title of which has long been bandied about on the internet with a certain degree of disdain.

Mind you, it's called I Wanna Have Your Babies, so that's hardly too surprising. Babies are yucky.

The amazing thing is (and I'm aware that my critical faculties are somewhat dulled at the moment) it's not half bad. Natasha has an uncanny a knack for writing songs that form a permanent loop in the tune centre of your brain (the medulla melodiosa, made-up fact fans) and this one will be going round your skull like a goldfish on poppers.

The lyrics are even quite clever. She's no Byron, Shelly or Keats* but I like that Natasha hums the chorus because if she opens her mouth she'll blurt out how much she loves her Bedingbloke, causing him to flee her blousy embrace in a blind panic.

This is because blokes hate any outward display of emotion - preferring instead to fart and spill lager on their black and decker workmate.

It is possible this lyric was inspired by watching endless repeats of Friends on E4.

Anyway, you can download an MP3 of the whole shebang from the link below. You'll be dancing in your slippers in literal minutes.

  • Natasha Bedingfield - I Wanna Have Your Babies

    * do you see what I did there?

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