Thursday, March 8, 2007

Annie, please save pop!

It seems that pop is a bit in the doldrums at the moment, unless you count Take That (which we do) and Mika (which we don't). All those identikit curly-haired indie bands are hoovering up all the airspace and perfectly reasonable acts like Jamelia and All Saints are being pushed aside. The only hoover action they'll be seeing is in their front room, sucking up dust while watching The Box and weeping silently.

For the moment, there's not much we can do. Music is cyclical, and it is rock's turn to be in the ascendance. But there is hope on the horizon...

Norwegian singer Annie, whose Chewing Gum is the best record of the 21st Century (FACT!), has apparently signed a record deal with Island/Universal. That's the label behind Amy Winehouse, Mika, Sugababes and The Feeling - i.e. they are quite good at developing succesful pop acts.

According to a very old news story in another language [link] she's currently in the recording studio with Girls Aloud producers Xenomania. Annie is also expected to work with London-based genius Sir Richard of X (Sugababes, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, that one good song by Rachel Stevens). This could well be the best pop album ever.

Want proof? Here are Annie's last two UK singles, re-recorded for the time vortex that is PC game The Sims 2. Even in the game's made-up nonsense language, Simlish, they are sublime. You can get the original versions on her album, Anniemal. [link]

Annie - Heartbeat (simlish version) MP3

Annie - Chewing Gum (simlish version) MP3

Also, isn't this the best publicity photo in the history of big pink pop frocks?

  • PS: There are lots more MP3s in Simlish, including songs by Lemon Jelly, Timo Maas and The Faders, at the excellent fansite Sim Fantastic

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