Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Robyn has made an ace video


Most pop stars these days come with a heavy dose of irony. As if they're saying "we know this is all a bit silly and frivolous, but bear with us - the chorus will be good".

Not so with Robyn. She makes pop songs like they used to be when Madonna and Michael Jackson ruled the charts and put every fibre of their existence into making the catchiest, danciest, swing-your-pantsiest music you could buy with your pocket money.

I've discussed Robyn before [here]. I called her Missy Elliot on four litres of fizzy lemonade and a lungful of helium. I could also have said 'perky pop ninja'; 'supersonic swedish sexpot'; 'tiny musical atom bomb'; or 'punky electric princess'. She will quite literally slap you in the tits and make you dance.

Robyn's emponymous 2005 album, the best pop record since True Blue, is finally on its way to the UK (although you can already import it from CD Wow). Lead single Konichiwa Bitches is out on 26 March and the video is, as "they" say, the bomb:

I like the bee costume best.

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