Monday, February 12, 2007

The Queen's English

Apart from the completely unexpected, but hugely deserved, crop of awards for Little Miss Sunshine, this year's awards ceremonies have been deathly dull. But this little snippet from last night's Baftas raises some hopes for the Oscars:
Dame Helen Mirren may have been the toast of the Baftas last night, but she wasn't too popular with Sky News presenter Matt Smith. Interviewing the star of The Queen on the red carpet at last night's awards bash, Smith joked that last time she was on the channel she used bad language and that Sky News was a channel "where people don't swear". Oblivious to the fact she was on air, Mirren replied: "Where people don't swear? Fucking nutbag!" A spluttering Smith replied: "You've just done it again!". Mortified, Mirren said: "Is it live? I'm sorry, I do apologise. That was an appalling thing to do. It was a joke and I take it back."
[via the Guardian]

Brilliant! Almost as good as the time the real Queen shouted out "sweaty bollocks" during the Royal Variety Performance.

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