Monday, February 5, 2007

Prince is really rather good

prince at the superbowlI've just watched Prince's halftime performance from the internet The Super Bowl, which featured (deep breath): Let's Go Crazy, Baby I'm A Star, Proud Mary, All Along The Watchtower (a reference to Jehovah's Witnesses?), Best Of You (yes, the Foo Fighters one) and Purple Rain.

I am genuinely lost for words. So here are some words from other people who are not lost for words like me.

  • "Prince won the Superbowl!" Serial Robots
  • "I've given it some thought, and I don't actually understand people who don't like Prince." deforgeo
  • "He rocked, tore down, and rebuilt that stadium." Angela's Universe
  • "Prince is a ferkin faerie. Him and his precious little logo can go suck on a guitar pick." Tearful Whisper (WRONG!)
  • "Prince plays guitar as easily as most men breath…" Steveimel
  • "Prince will play purple rain if and only if accompanied by actual rain." Irresponsible Journalism
  • "Prince fucking ruled!" tjfreeman

    Coincidentally, I was reading Garry Mulholland's excellent "Fear Of Music" over the weekend, which has this to say about the genius from Minneapolis.
    Is the guitar solo from Purple Rain a ludicrous ego-wank, a piss-take or a thing of beauty? If you answered 'all three' then award yourself many prince points, for you get everything gettable about pop

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    [for more info on Prince, check out Anil Dash's wonderful pre-super bowl primer by clicking here]

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