Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's True!

Perhaps one of the only consolations to being confined to the sofa for the last five days is that I've been catching up on weeks and weeks of films and television.

The summary so far: The Life & Death of Peter Sellers - excellent; Jamon Jamon - just plain weird; Ghostbusters 2 - better than I remembered; Meet The Fockers - better than I expected; The Bodyguard - what was I thinking?; X-Men 3 - surprisingly entertaining.

But my favourite discovery of all has been repeated episodes of early-1990s comedy series Absolutely, which Virgin Media are offering on their on-demand TV service.

Absolutely was a sketch show in the style of Monty Python, starring future chat-show host Jack Doherty and Saturday Night Live's shortest-lived cast member Morwenna Banks. It was less cerebral and more, well, Scottish than the Pythons. But it shared a playful sense of disregard for the niceties of logic, and a pleasingly high laugh ratio.

Several recurring characters included Callum Gilhooley - the most boring man in the world; Gwynnedd and Denzil - hopeless Welsh DIY enthusiasts; and MacGlashan - a rabid Scottish nationalist.

But, viewing the series 15 years on, it's Morwenna Banks's characters that stand the test of time. By far her best creation is the "Little Girl", who explains the modern world from the point-of-view of a seven-year-old. There aren't many clips on the net (because the series has never been released on DVD) but here's one example...

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