Friday, February 23, 2007


Until now, I have been studiously avoiding the forthcoming Simpsons Movie. My reasons are threefold:

1) I don't want to know anything about the plot in advance
2) I'm desperately worried it'll be disappointing
3) As a result of 1 and 2, I kind of forgot it was coming out

Luckily, my dodgy memory has been given a quick jolt by Fox's marketing department, who have just released the first proper trailer from the film. I held my breath and clicked on the play button, and...

Phew! It is distinctly not a sham of a mockery of two farces in a trojan horse pretending to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Creator Matt Groening is one of the main writers, all of the major characters are in there, and, most important of all, it made me do a laugh (actually it was more of a wheeze - I'm still feeling a little unwell).

The only disappointment is the American voice-over man's inability to say "coloured-in". Really, guys, English isn't that difficult to master.

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