Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gig Review: Regina Spektor

reginaI am currently feeling like someone has rammed two weasels up my nose while pounding on my head with a frozen leg of lamb. Nontheless, I dragged myself out of my sick bed last night to see Regina Spektor in London. Here's what I remember:

:: On one song, she played the piano with her left hand and banged on a nearby chair with a drumstick using her right. Genius.
:: She played a (new?) country song which featured the lyric "Love is a whore". Again, genius.
:: Regina complained to the sound engineer that she was getting feedback on her piano, then turned to the audience and said: "Piano's don't even get feedback. That's how Rock and Roll I am."
:: Two girls shouted out Happy Birthday Regina, but it was not her birthday at all.
:: My favourite song of the night, possibly the year, had the following lyrics:
You know that statue
That statue of baby Jesus
In the window
In the window of the 99 cent store?
Last night I saw the owner kiss it
And whisper in its ear
I was walking home from Walgreen's
And he did not hear me see him
And on the very very next morning
All the subway cars were hallelu-leluing
Welcome back the baby king, the baby king
All the believers they were smiling
And winking at each other
I could honestly say I was scared for my life

In summary, therefore, Regina is an absolute gem. Oh, she's as mad as a box of frogs, it's true, but in the very best way.

For those of you wondering about the interview I did with her earlier this week, it's due to go up in the first week of March when the Fidelity single comes out in the UK. Here's the video:

Ain't No Cover
Summer in the City
Baby Jesus
The Flowers
Human of the Year
Poor Little Rich Boy
Bobbing for Apples
That Time
On the Radio
Sailor Song
Apr├Ęs Moi
Carbon Monoxide
Your Honor
Field Below
Love, You're a Whore
Hotel Song

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