Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gig Review: Regina Spektor

reginaI am currently feeling like someone has rammed two weasels up my nose while pounding on my head with a frozen leg of lamb. Nontheless, I dragged myself out of my sick bed last night to see Regina Spektor in London. Here's what I remember:

:: On one song, she played the piano with her left hand and banged on a nearby chair with a drumstick using her right. Genius.
:: She played a (new?) country song which featured the lyric "Love is a whore". Again, genius.
:: Regina complained to the sound engineer that she was getting feedback on her piano, then turned to the audience and said: "Piano's don't even get feedback. That's how Rock and Roll I am."
:: Two girls shouted out Happy Birthday Regina, but it was not her birthday at all.
:: My favourite song of the night, possibly the year, had the following lyrics:
You know that statue
That statue of baby Jesus
In the window
In the window of the 99 cent store?
Last night I saw the owner kiss it
And whisper in its ear
I was walking home from Walgreen's
And he did not hear me see him
And on the very very next morning
All the subway cars were hallelu-leluing
Welcome back the baby king, the baby king
All the believers they were smiling
And winking at each other
I could honestly say I was scared for my life

In summary, therefore, Regina is an absolute gem. Oh, she's as mad as a box of frogs, it's true, but in the very best way.

For those of you wondering about the interview I did with her earlier this week, it's due to go up in the first week of March when the Fidelity single comes out in the UK. Here's the video:

Ain't No Cover
Summer in the City
Baby Jesus
The Flowers
Human of the Year
Poor Little Rich Boy
Bobbing for Apples
That Time
On the Radio
Sailor Song
Après Moi
Carbon Monoxide
Your Honor
Field Below
Love, You're a Whore
Hotel Song

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