Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That Joss Stone single, then

joss stone holds a roseThe rumoured leak of Joss Stone's new album may never have happened, but her new single Tell Me 'Bout It has premiered on BBC Radio 1. Consequently, an MP3 is going round the houses like a randy milkman on national pants-off day.

First impressions:
  • The backing track is a bit like Groove is In the Heart played through a gramophone horn (ask your grandad)
  • Although Joss claims not to have been happy with her first two albums, this doesn't stray too far from her patented "I'm a bit like Aretha Franklin, me" sound.
  • Tell Me 'Bout It is short, like all good songs used to be before Genesis came along and ruined everything with their tedious plank spanking
  • The chorus seems a bit underwhelming at first, but it'll stick in your head like an arrow that was supposed to cut an apple in half but went into your head instead.
  • Record buyers who could not be bothered to buy Christina Aguilera's Back To Basics album will not be any more convinced by this effort
  • I think I'll put on that Amy Winehouse album now. She's quite good, really

    Hear it off of this blog over here

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