Monday, January 15, 2007

Sophie Ellis Bextor has a single coming out, you know

Six things about Sophie Ellis Bextor:

1) In real life, Sophie is much prettier than you'd imagine.
2) She once crushed her pet guinea pig to death. Sadly, this murder did not occur on the dancefloor, but in the guinea pig's cage.
3) She can cut "it" live. By "it" I mean a good vocal performance, not a rug or a slab of cheese.
4) Her mum is Sarah Greene from TV's Blue Peter. (can we check this? - ed)
5) Her new single, Catch You, is written by Cathy Dennis of Too Many Walls "fame".
6) She is married to Dan Gillespie Sells, the lead singer from The Feeling, who is a gay. (that's it, you're fired - ed)

Here is the video, then:

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