Thursday, January 18, 2007

Links aplenty

:: Is this Britney Spears' new single? The title, Fed Up, doesn't stretch the boundaries of subtlety, but it's not a bad little pop ditty.

Scary Simpsons

:: This is how the Simpsons would look if they were drawn by a more talented less original artist than Matt Groening [via 4CR]

:: Popjustice has the scoop on Norwegian popstrel Annie's latest assault on the charts. It is being masterminded by Girls Aloud, er, mastermind Brian Higgins. Fingers have been crossed in anticipation.

:: Need to know what that amazing piece of music they played on ER was called? Head on over to ER headquarters to find out. (Hint: It was David Gray or Snow Patrol, and it won't be half as good when it's not accompanied by a sexy doctor cutting open your spleen).

:: Atishoo! After years of anxiety and worry, scientists have finally carried out the vital research that proves your eyes cannot pop out when you sneeze.

:: Radio 1's Chris Moyles has been running a campaign to get former teen pop star Billie Piper back into the top 75. The song he's chosen is her rip-off of All Saints Never Ever. Not a bad choice, but I wonder if he knows it's about a vibrator?

:: I am very much enjoying the soulful sounds of London-based songstress Valentina. I asked her to be my friend on myspace a few days ago, but nothing has been forthcoming. How very rude. I am awfully nice, you know.

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