Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is this a question? If this is an answer

At school, we were always told apocryphal stories about students who had written daring answers on their exam papers. "What did John the Baptist wear in the desert?" was supposedly answered with "A cloak of camel hair and a leather jock strap". And every year had a pupil who, after taking one too many Pro Plus, completed a Chemistry paper by writing down their name 500 times in a row before standing up, saluting the baby Jesus and collapsing in the middle of a shocked assembly hall.

All bollocks, of course, but a great way to relieve pressure before the big day.

Anyway, my sister just sent me one of those viral emails with pictures taken from "real" exam scripts. I'm sure they're every bit as fabricated as the stories above, but they made me laugh so hard that a bit of snot landed on my desk. So I thought I'd share.

exam paper one
Exam paper two


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