Monday, January 22, 2007

Don't watch that, and don't watch this either

Stellar song, earthbound video...

Kelis feat Cee-Lo: Lil' Star

I was talking about this single just the other week, and now you can watch it from the comfort of your keyboard. If you sit on your keyboard, that is.

While the song is still magnificent, the video is a bit ropey. Those of you who aren't blessed with the power of facial recognition may not realise that the long, lingering shots of the night sky actually feature Kelis, only made out of twinkly stars. It's a nice effect, but it doesn't quite work - particularly on the internet.

Also on the new video front is this:

Robbie Williams: She's Madonna

(Oooh, Robbie Williams is wearing a dresss, etc, etc.)

Don't watch it, it'll only give him the attention he craves.

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