Sunday, January 7, 2007

Chart madness = brilliant

So, the first UK singles chart under the new rules (which allow any song purchased online to be counted) has just been revealed and... well, not much has changed.

Leona (boo!) is still number one and Take That (yay!) are still in the top three. The only major upset is the re-entry of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars (awww!) at number nine. But even that's not much of a surprise, as it only left the top 40 nine weeks ago and is, quite frankly, a great, great song.

At the lower end of the chart, Nelly Furtado's Maneater and Gnarls Baarkley's Crazy get back in at numbers 38 and 30 respectively and, outside the top 40, four tracks from the High School Musical album (bleurgh!) have sold enough to become considered for the charts.

This is all quite brilliant, as it means WE ARE NOW IN CHARGE! No longer can the record companies (boo!) tell us what is and what isn't a single - it's completely up to us and our completely random taste in music.

Obviously, they'll have a big hissy fit and change the rules again shortly - but in the meantime, let's support the Proclaimers (och aye!), who have the 92nd best selling single in the UK this week. If enough of us log onto iTunes and download a copy of 500 Miles next week it'll be number one, and the world will have changed for the better. Power to the people, stick it to "da" man, up yours delors, etc.


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