Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reading material and pop trivia

  • Pitchfork runs through the worst album covers of 2006. Including this one:
    bad album cover

  • Shakira is finally coming to play a concert in the UK, after winning every Latin music award available - plus three more she invented in her mind. Tickets go on sale at this address tomorrow at 9am.

  • The world's tallest man has saved a dolphin by ramming his arm down its throat and retrieving a bit of plastic it had swallowed. It's really true. Scout's honour.

  • Download an MP3 of Beyonce's Irreplaceable in Spanish and convince your housemates the stereo has gone on the blink. Altogether now: "Ya lo ves, ya lo ves".

  • Popjustice is giving away Lily Allen's Chopper.

  • Girls Aloud run through their political views in The Spectator. They're anti-war, pro-grammar school and support high taxation, apparently. Cheryl's going to get some flak for saying she only votes for Labour because "me mam does", but isn't that how most people choose their political affiliation? Except Hitler, of course.

  • Get some free mash-ups courtesy of Hop's MP3 Thingamajig. Regardless of their quality, the titles are ace: 99 Voodoo Children and Control, Bloody Control are my two favourites.

  • After all the reports of gamers breaking their TV screens, lampshades and faces with their Nintendo Wii controller, this guy has found a way to make the wrist strap more secure. Handcuffs.

    PS: I'm hoping to get round to writing a proper review of the Wii tomorrow. But I doubt you'll be surprised to hear me say this: It is fabberoo.

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