Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Get reading

Some links from the world of the internet to keep you entertained this Tuesday.

::George Clooney loses his closest personal friend and frequent bed partner - a pig called Max. No, really.

::Amerie kills a senator, wears ill-fitting stockings, in her new music video.

::Janet Jackson finds ten grand down the back of her sofa. That's about $9,000 more than she got from sales of her last album.

::John Peel gives advice on how to break into radio, courtesy of fansite John Peel Every Day.

::Beyoncé is giving voice to the "desperation and aspiration in contemporary black women's popular culture" and "challenges century-old American myths about race, class and gender", according to the most pretentious album review in the history of the written word.

::Rip Torn, arrested on a drink-driving charge, gives the mug shot of the year, his raised eyebrow suggesting: "You think I care about this? My agent is calling David Letterman right now, shitbags".

::A voucher for free booze! Or, at least, 40% off your stash of eggnog courtesy of Threshers. (Yes, it is real)

::Britney Spears rounds off the week she spent flashing her lady garden at the paparazzi by dancing badly, and for no reason, in a restaurant. Doesn't she have a two-month old baby at home?

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