Monday, November 6, 2006

Westlife heart you

I'm not normally one to promote the seedy goings-on in the world of Westlife, but the band's new video is actually quite interesting.

That's the video, mind you... not the song, or the group, or their braying, germ-ridden, coven of fans.

Somehow, possibly by forming a covenant with the devil, they've come up with a way of personalising the video with your name. You simply go to their website,, enter your details and - hey presto! - your name appears right there on the screen.

Kian - or Mick or Seamus or whatever he's called - sends you a text message (how modern) and invites you to a wedding (swoon). It is eye-poppingly amazing, and no mistake*

Here are some scenes from my very own personal Westlife video:

* Hang on. That statement may be a mistake in itself.
The whole enterprise is, in actual fact, utter bollocks.

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