Saturday, November 11, 2006

Something Kinda Oooops

they really can sing

Despite all my prentensions to being (1) a serious music journalist, and (2) a massive Girls Aloud fan, it somehow managed to slip my attention that (1) they did an acoustic set on Jo Whiley's Live Lounge yesterday at the same time as (2) tickets for their new tour went on sale.

Luckily, using the internet I can go back in time and hear the sublime Radio 1 performance for myself. But all the broadband cables in the world can't help me get a decent pair of concert tickets. Let's hope they add more dates soon, otherwise I'll cry into my cornflakes like a big girl.

For those of you who are as dimwitted as I am, here are the Radio One performances in all their close-harmony glory. The cover version of Amy Winhouse's Rehab will send shivers up your spine.

Love Machine - acoustic


girls aloud live lounge

  • PS Ticketbastard still has some seats left in the rafters of Wembley.

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