Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RIP Alan 'Fluff' Freeman

  • You made the Top 40 countdown the single most exciting piece of radio in the UK - every week for thirty years.
  • You said Not 'Arf and Pop Pickers rather a lot.
  • You genuinely loved the music you played. Unlike, say, JK and Joel.
  • Speaking of whom, you would never have spent a cringeworthy five minutes trying to chat up Nelly Furtado - every single bloody time she was on the show.
  • But then, she probably isn't that into wooly jumpers.
  • You were the only Radio 1 DJ who was simultaneously friends with John Peel and Noel Edmonds.
  • You pulled off the feat of making a piece of swing band music the calling card for the world's most exciting rock and roll music chart.
    Proof: download

  • You will be missed.

    PS: Read a proper obituary at No Rock and Roll Fun.
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