Saturday, November 11, 2006

MP3 Frenzy: Girls Aloud edition

Nadine has a very thin arm, don't you think?Those of you who read the website reguarly (hello, mum!) will know that I can't let too many days pass without mentioning Girls Aloud.

As luck would have it, the girls have just scored their first ever number one album with The Sound Of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits, thus providing me with an excuse to congratulate them. Perhaps I could send them a donut. They look like they could do with a bit of fattening up.

If you haven't already bought the CD, why the hell not? It not only collects together nine of the ten best pop songs of the last of the 21st Century (the other one is Britney's Toxic) but it also has a bonus disc of rarities and alternative mixes.

And, yes, that includes the version of No Good Advice where they say a rude word. (Clue: it's not 'bum').

The problem is, there are a couple of songs missing. Two of the band's B-sides, Androgynous Girls and Crazy Fool, are widely regarded amongst obsessive fans as being superlative examples of the Girls Aloud oeuvre (that's french for egg, I think).

But fret not! Discopop Directory is proud to present you with high-quality MP3s of those corking classics - for review purposes only, of course.

Enjoy it, bitches.

Androgynous Girls

Crazy Fool

Girls Aloud and some cash
Shooting the video for forthcoming single I Think We're Alone Now. Yes, it's a cover of the Tiffany song and, yes, it's terrible.

Girls Aloud straight out of the shower - not a good look
Why would anyone let this photo be taken? What happened to aloof, inaccessible pop stars with a sense of mystique? (Hint: Girls Aloud are sponsored by Sunsilk.)

Girls Aloud - after the towelling
But don't they scrub up well?

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