Sunday, November 12, 2006

A load of old garbage

shirley manson out of garbage doing a unfortunately not the name of the Garbage greatest hits album, which has just been announced.

Now, I was always partial to a bit of Shirley Manson and the boys. For all their growling menace and shocking noise, they always managed to sugar-dip their songs in pure pop melodies, like Blondie with a sequencer. Or Courtney Love with an ounce of talent.

shirley manson as a cube Their videos, too, were something special - if only because Manson was at the same time beautifully photogenic and utterly horrific. She was a bit like that 3D cube illusion where your eyes can't decide what they're looking at and go all hurty.

The tracklisting for the greatest hits CD ('Absolute Garbage') is a strictly chronological trip through Garbage's back-catalogue, which means you can pretty much give up after Cherry Lips.

For some reason, though, it's missing the 2001 single Androgyny. Maybe because they finally realised it was a bit rubbish?

Only Happy When It Rains
Stupid Girl
#1 Crush
Push It
I Think I'm Paranoid
When I Grow Up
You Look So Fine
The World Is Not Enough
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
Shut Your Mouth
Why Do You Love Me
Bleed Like Me
It's All Over But The Crying
New track (untitled)

As ever with Garbage, they've messed up the timing and the album is coming out in March - thereby missing the Christmas Greatest Hits rush. It's not like they've had a year-and-a-half to put it together or anything.

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