Monday, November 6, 2006

Get lost!

Eddie Izzard as a Christmas FairyAre you a fan of not knowing where you're going, and getting a machine to do all the hard work for you? Then you will have a Tom Tom or other satellite navigation system.

But don't you find it a bit boring when the lady on it repeats in her soothing (irritating) voice (monotonous drone) "take the second exit" over and over and over again?

Yes. Yes, you do.

Well, luckily the Tom Tom has a function (gimmick) where you can upload the voice of your mum - or any other authority figure - to its memory bank and get them to tell you where to go. And now Eddie Izzard has recorded (made the hard decision to sell for a profit) a collection of his own witty and droll replacements for the driving instructions. You can test drive it(!) on Eddie's website.

It's a bit crap, to be perfectly honest, but I do like the one that goes "Bear left... Monkey right".

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