Monday, November 6, 2006

Frowny faces

Despite my heartfelt plea last week, Alesha's new single, Knockdown, went into the charts at a shockingly poor number 45.

We canvassed some music fans for their opinion. Here's what they said:

Sandra Green, Lab Technician
I was so upset that I stuck my hand to my face with superglue.

Anna Nomaly, Botanist
Was I supposed to go out and buy it? Isn't it enough to add Alesha to my myspace friends? Sheesh.

Alex Smalldog, Thermonuclear Scientist
Woof! Woof woof woof! Woooooof!

Toby Oxford, Metal Wrangler
I worry that this will have a chilling effect on the careers of those other two out of Mis-Teeq.

Jessica Fnaeuil, Kindergarten Student
This cheese tastes a bit funny.

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